RV security shouldn't be difficult, so we work hard to make it easy for our customers

Introducing the ultimate caravan security system for unparalleled protection. Our state-of-the-art systems boast advanced sensors and cutting-edge technology, ensuring your caravan is safe and secure at all times. With effortless installation and user-friendly operation, it’s the top choice for caravan owners.
Discover a comprehensive range of features designed specifically for caravan security. From door sensors and motion detection to antihitch and antitow brake locking, our system leaves no room for compromise. Experience the added benefit of our innovative brake tamper detection feature, safeguarding your caravan against any attempts at disabling the braking system.

Invest in our caravan anti-theft system today to safeguard your adventures and protect your valuable mobile home. With easy installation, extensive features, full compatibility with all of the industry standard electric brake controllers (such as Elecbrakes, Redarc TowPro), as well as the leading Electronic Stability Controls (Alko, Dexter, Tuscon), our system guarantees the ultimate peace of mind for caravan enthusiasts. Don’t let thieves spoil your journey – choose our RV security system now.

For the Ultimate security and total peace of mind insist on RVsecure.

Would you like to know how easy an RVsecure system is to install? Click to watch a short Caravan installation video by Borgy from Weigh Me RV.

"My insurance company gave me a discount for having an RVsecure security system installed in may van. Prevention certainly pays."
Adelaide SA
"Service is Exceptional.
I purchased the Gen 2 Protector X for our motorhome. Experience is absolutely phenomenal! The after sales service from Jason was very professional and friendly and he is extremely knowledgeable. He went out of his way to answer any questions. I cannot speak highly enough of him, he is an asset to this business. I have to say this is the ultimate in security systems on the market!"
Morisset NSW

Macca's Test Bed - RVsecure

After having the PlatinumX Gen1 and GPS on his Red Centre van to test out for a few months, Macca takes a look at the new RVsecure PlatinumX Gen2 Caravan Security System as part of the Macca’s Test Bed series.

The RVsecure Product Range

Caravan / Camper Alarms
Motor Home Alarms
Boat Alarms
Trailer Alarms
GPS Tracking and Communications
RVview fullHD Rear View Cameras

What our Customers say:

"The RVsecure alarm (Protector X) and associated GPS/Comms hub is a superbly designed and well integrated system. It is easy to install with all components and wiring looms with pre-attached connectors included.
The alarm system works reliably with all the extra sensors available, is easy to program and use and has the option of what I consider the best 4G GPS tracking unit available anywhere.
Highly recommended, it ticks all the boxes for me and I am hard to please"
Adelaide SA
"Works brilliantly and add their GPS you are fully covered and keeping track of milage and family and friends can know where you are."
Melbourne Vic
"We have this system on our van. Love it, peace of mind when leaving the van unattended. Have the extras, panic buttons, sensors on door and latches, brakes lock up if someone tries taking the van while system is armed. Can have alarm on silent mode as well."
Perth WA
RVsecure more innovative than witi anti theft

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