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We have heard of quite a few incidents lately where Caravan owners have been under some form of duress whilst in their Caravan. In one occurrence the offenders even smashed the entire glass entry door, fortunately the screen in that particular van is quite solid so no entry was gained but it was certainly a scary time for the owners and one that nobody would like to have occur to them.

These types of incidents highlight the need to not just look after your Van and your property (generators, lithium batteries, tools) that are a target for thieves, but also that you need to ensure that you have taken suitable measures to look after your personal security as well. It is one of the primary reasons that when we designed the RVsecure PlatinumX alarm system we made sure that it had a 24/7 emergency ‘panic’ switch as one of its core functions. Need help fast, just hit the switch and it sets the lights and siren going to get maximum attention.

The other use is for those traveling with a partner that may be unwell as it provides them with an additional method to notify those around them that they need some assistance. Sometimes installing an extra emergency switch in the toilet area is also a good idea. If you then add the GPS communications hub to the system you can also have the alarm signal alert by SMS. Great if your partner is away from the van when you need some help and cant get to your phone.

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