Six Caravan Security Tips for Traveling

Owning a Caravan provides a great opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can take time to meander around the country or to visit friends in distant places. Unfortunately the enjoyment can be over run by disappointment when you are the victim of crime. Taking simple precautions with your caravan security and personal security is essential these days. Here are some sensible tips to help reduce the chance of a bad event occurring.

Be Alert

Always be alert and security conscious when out in your caravan. Whilst we all need to get away and relax we also need to be mindful of our security at all times. Unfortunately crime doesn’t take a break!

Photos and Lists

Always have photos of your possessions that you have in your van. If you do become a victim it is much easier to complete a police/insurance report when you have the correct information available. A list complete with serial numbers is also a good idea.

Install a good quality Caravan Alarm System

A good quality caravan alarm system that offers multiple detection methods is a valuable addition to your security. It also serves to make other caravan owners in the area aware that danger is afoot. A good quality alarm system will include sensors like internal PIR’s, Reed Switches and Panic Switches and is capable of protecting you, your van and your property. Also make sure that you have your alarm stickers visible on the outside of the van as well to act as a deterrent.


Whilst it certainly shouldn’t be the only line of defense, an Anti-Tow/Anti-Hitch system is a useful function as part of a comprehensive alarm system. If someone were to attempt to hitch up and tow your van away then the on board movement sensors activate the electric brakes automatically, preventing it from moving. Make sure that the sensitivity is adjustable as well because no two vans are the same and the adjust-ability is essential in reducing annoying false alarms.

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GPS and SMS Alarm Notifications

Caravan GPS Tracking
GPS Communications Hub

GPS tracking just by itself still leaves you highly vulnerable to theft as they are all to easy to bypass and are totally ineffective if the thief is just after your property. It is all to frequent that generators and lithium batteries are stolen from Caravans as they are high value and easy to remove. However, the strength with GPS is when combined with an advanced alarm system as they provide a total security solution that not only prevents theft but also notifies you directly on your phone when the alarm has been activated. The alarm system also acts to protect the GPS so they are no longer easy to bypass. Whilst it is a little more expensive it is certainly well worth it.

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Physical Security #1

Ensure all steal-able items are secured and protected within the ‘alarm zone’. Items like generators, waeco’s, bikes, cameras etc are all high theft items because they are easy to resell on the black market. Make sure that they are protected by your alarm system by either placing them within the alarm zone. If not possible consider using additional sensors to extend the zone.

Physical Security #2

Every time you leave your Caravan make sure that the windows are locked and the main door as well. Pay attention to locks on toolboxes and boots/hatches as they usually contain easily removable items that are a prime target.

Physical Security #3

Maypole wheel clamp
Maypole wheel clamp

Hitch locks and wheel clamps are another good add on security measure that work to slow the offender down (see our trailer security guide for more information on these). A fast getaway is a good getaway so slowing them down will work in your favor. Again quality is important. The more difficult you make it for the bad guys, the less likely it is that you will be a victim.

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