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About Hitch Campers

Hitch Campers are a range of fully Australian Made Camper Trailers and Expedition Vehicles. Starting with the CANNING (a square drop pod) and then releasing the GIBB (Toy Hauler) and OTT (Expedition Vehicle) giving a full range of offroad and off grid options for your next adventure.

It started as a passion project by a father and son team, Andrew and Luke, who have always been passionate campers. After owning numerous other products on the market that didn’t meet their needs, they developed a line of products that gave them all the luxuries we like to take camping, but in lightweight, super strong and no set up time options.  

Why did Hitch Campers chose RVsecure?

By partnering with RVsecure we know we are getting the best security system on the market. This Australian Made product uses high quality components that is easily adapted to our diverse model range. Their technology has also managed to solve another issue with RV security systems, eliminating false alarms.

On top of all that, their superior RVview full HD cameras boast remarkable ease of installation, significantly enhancing efficiency for both our team and customers nationwide who may consider retrofitting at a later stage. The wireless nature of these cameras offers added advantages, allowing customers to retain the same invested camera system even as they upgrade their tow vehicles.


A final word

Hitch Campers are proud to be an Australian Made business and we aim to partner with other Australian Made Businesses. Our products are all extensively tested and built to be taken on the toughest and most remote conditions and most importantly bring you home again, whilst keeping you in the utmost comfort on your trip. Want to know more? Speak to the team today or say G’day if you see us somewhere on the track.

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