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About Premier Avan

Premier Avan was established in 2016 by Levi Kelder (Dealer Principal) offering the full range of Avan and Golf campers, caravans and motorhomes, they are a family-owned business and have a strong focus on customer service, offering Premium affordable and lightweight products built in Australia using the best factory made Aluminium sandwich panel construction method. The motto at Premier Avan is ‘Enjoy the Journey’ and this means from the day you walk into the dealership to the end of your ownership the goal is to ensure the experience is enjoyable all the way through.

Why did Premier Avan chose RVsecure to protect it's customers?

Offering a premium product encourages us to offer premium protection for our owners and it took us a while to find the right fit but with RVsecure we believe they offer the best on the market, and this is important to us and our customers, ensuring we have the best aftermarket options available to our owners. The experience for us with RVsecure has been very professional and efficient and the team back up what they say, this makes our day to day dealings easy for us and our customers.


How to get an Avan

Avan Australia have been around for over 35 years and the key focus is to build light weight affordable RV’s that suit the market with over 135 different models to choose from there is a layout to suit everyone’s needs. Aside from the original aluminium sandwich panel construction, Avan and Golf craft their furniture in house from timbers sourced from Italy, on top of this they use many European fixtures and fittings to put together a high-end RV at an affordable price. With a great dealer network Australia wide Premier Avan has two location in WA one in Perth and the other in Bunbury you are sure to find something to suit your needs, check us out at or call on 08 62407600.

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