Improving your Security with RVsecure

Why External Security?

While having a security system installed in your caravan is an excellent initial step, many individuals don’t take the extra steps to protect high value items that can be accessed externally.

Opportunistic thieves are more inclined to target your belongings rather than attempting to steal your entire van. Items such as lithium batteries, generators, power tools, fridges, and BBQs are often high on their list of easily sell-able items.

High Value!

In today’s world of advanced power systems equipped with multiple lithium batteries, the value of what can be accessed from the exterior of your van is substantial. Unfortunately, many vans have low-security locking mechanisms, making it relatively simple for criminals to access these valuable assets. Each lithium battery can be worth $800 to $1000 dollars or more and is relatively lightweight, making them an attractive target for criminals.

Full Power Installation
The RVsecure VDOS sensor installed inside a tunnel boot door

RVsecure - the VDOS solution

RVsecure offers an exclusive solution with the VDOS sensor, which adds an extra layer of security whether you’re away from your van or sleeping inside it. This unique and innovative sensor can be easily installed in just 30 seconds and is compatible with any door, hatch, or tunnel boot that opens in either an upward or downward motion. With RVsecure’s alarm system, you can incorporate multiple additional sensors to ensure that everything of value is protected.


In conclusion, RVsecure not only enhances your van’s interior security but also provides essential protection for your valuable assets stored outside. With the VDOS sensor, you can safeguard your belongings from opportunistic thieves, ensuring peace of mind whether you’re on the road or resting inside your van. This innovative solution is easy to install and can be customised to protect various access points, making RVsecure a comprehensive choice for Caravan security and asset protection.

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