Why use a PIR?

PIR’s are an important sensing device for a professional alarm system. If you have a look at any home or commercial alarm system they all use PIR’s as their main mode of detection, and then generally some form of switch as well. Standard commercial PIR’s are not suitable for use in RV’s due to several factors so we only use very specific PIR’s for our systems. Our PIR’s perform better, are more stable and also have great flexibility in their mounting positions which is important in a smaller physical space like an RV or boat.

What are movement detectors, how are they different from PIR’s?

Movement detectors similar to the ones we use for AntiTow (accelerometers / gyroscopes) detect the physical movement of the unit itself and are great in certain applications. If you have ever used the auto-rotate function on a phone, used a wii game controller or flown a drone you will have seen the benefit of using movement detectors. Similarly they perform very well detecting if your Caravan or Camper is being towed. We wouldn’t recommend relying on them as the basis for an intruder alarm system though as they perform very poorly in this application and are prone to a high number of false alarms.

How does the panic switch work?

The panic switch is a standard feature of our Platinum and PlatinumX systems. Pressing this will automatically activate the siren and strobe to notify people surrounding you that you are in need of assistance. This works regardless of if the alarm is armed or disarmed. There are also options available to be able to change the response to the button press.

How does AntiTow work?

AntiTow is a great additional feature for the Caravan units. When the movement detector in the control unit detects motion it will temporarily lock the electric brakes (as well as activating lights and siren) rendering the vehicle unable to be towed. The AntiTow is only activated on vehicle motion and will not be activated by other sensors.

Why is the AntiTow sensitivity adjustable?

We believe that this is an essential feature. Through a lot of R&D testing it was clear that every vehicle and every environment is different. What would activate on one van wouldn’t on another so we made sure that the sensitivity was user adjustable. This enables the sensitivity to be set correctly for the van, fast enough to activate when towed but unlike fixed sensitivity systems it does not cause multiple unnecessary activation’s due to environmental conditions.

Why do you have a sleep mode, what does it do?

Sleep mode is a great function on our Platinum and PlatinumX systems. It allows you to turn the system on with a single button press and automatically isolates the PIR and movement detectors but arms the external Reed switches providing perimeter protection whilst you are asleep. If the alarm goes off in sleep mode the strobe activates and the internal piezo sounds in a beeping pattern, however due to the loudness the siren will not sound. There is also an option to use external sensors in Alert mode which provides an alert but does not activate the alarm (commonly used under awnings).

Why do you use a blue strobe?

Blue strobes are universally known as burglar alarms. Just have a look at any alarm strobe on a building, red is for the fire alarm, blue is for the security alarm. We decided to adopt this standard convention with our systems. Secondly the power budget (amount of energy used) is an important consideration when working with vehicles with “house” batteries. Our strobes use less power overall than other methods of visual alerts. The third advantage is that the strobes are easy to install.

Why have the ability to isolate a zone?

This is a really great feature included on the Platinum and PlatinumX. A lot of caravan / boats are out away from home base for a lengthy time and sometimes in areas that are quite isolated. If something goes wrong with a particular detector, say for example an unfortunate accident rips off your toolbox door and you are unable to fix it on the spot, you can isolate the zone and continue to use your alarm system to protect you and your RV. Without this advanced function you would have no choice but to leave the alarm off.

You say your products are Australian Made, are they?

Absolutely. Unlike others we don’t outsource our manufacturing process to cheap overseas companies that care little about you or the quality of the product you receive. We do our own design, testing, prototyping and manufacturing here in Australia.

Do your systems meet EPA regulations?

Yes they do.

I have an idea for a feature that would be great, can I contact you?

Please do. Feedback is important to us. We cant promise we will adopt the idea as there may be technical limitations but we do promise we will have a look at it.

Is it possible to get extra remotes for the alarm, I have some family members that I would like to give one to?

Yes this is possible but at this stage we recommend that it is done by special order when you order your alarm system. It is possible to do it afterwards but it is a bit more difficult.

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