GPS Communications and Tracking

Stealing and re birthing Caravans is a lucrative business and has seen an increase over the past few years as they are unprotected and an easy target. Unfortunately new Caravan owners, and some old hands, are leaving themselves highly vulnerable to theft as many Caravans sit in driveways or storage yards with no security past a simple hitch lock or wheel clamp.

And its not just the vehicles themselves that are the target, as Caravan and Boat accessories become more technologically advanced and valuable, items such as lithium batteries and generators are added to the list of stolen items as they are easy to resell on the second hand market. Unfortunately stolen caravans and accessories are rarely recovered and owners are left facing the extra losses that insurance just doesn’t cover.

RVsecure has set about protecting caravan owners with affordable, professional, state of the art alarm systems that not only detect intruders but also prevent the vehicle being towed. Now we have added to that with our ‘plug and play’ GPS Communications Hub.

When combining GPS with an RVsecure alarm system the resulting level of protection is multiplied. This easy addition provides alarm signal notifications to your phone with live tracking in the event that the vehicle is moving. Plus, as the GPS comes with its own internal battery backup, it provides notification and tracking in the event that your house battery power has been cut.

The added benefit of using the two together is of course that not only does the RVsecure alarm system protect your vehicle and property, but it also protects the GPS unit, greatly reducing the opportunity for it to be disabled or removed which has been a major issue when using a GPS in a Caravan by itself.

For highly effective protection and recovery, installing an RVsecure alarm and GPS Communications Hub should be your first line of defense.

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