Levelling your Van

Levelling your caravan is an important part of your setup both pre-travel and also when you are on site.


Levelling is done to ensure that the weight distribution of the van is balanced and will handle correctly and safely on the road. A ball weight that is either too heavy or too light and not within manufacturer specifications can cause handling issues on the road and may contribute to sway problems. There is some good guidance around regarding loading your van for travel.

On Site

Having the van level on site is important for the correct operation of washing machines and non compressor fridges. (many of these products are unable to achieve correct cooling when on a tilt).


There are many ways to achieve a level and several helpful tools to assist. The most common is a small plastic spirit level attached to the drawbar that provides two floats for front to back and side to side measurement. It is essential to get these perfectly aligned on installation otherwise the datum will be incorrect and all future levels will also be incorrect. This may involve shimming on two axis until it reads correctly.

Digital Level

The other option is the use of a Digital Read Out (DRO) levelling meter. With technology advancing rapidly these are now both inexpensive and accurate. Recently we have added one into the RVsecure PlatinumX as a standard bonus feature for no extra cost. The DRO is easy to use and provides a degree measurement of the front and door side of the van from -12 degrees to +12 degrees allowing you to get a good level every time. It also accommodates the setting of a ‘datum’ to allow for unit mounting differences. And of course the PlatinumX is made in Australia.


Of course having a DRO is only part of the equation, you will also need a method of adjusting the side to side heights. Commonly used products are levelling ramps and mats. These allow the adjustment of one or both sided of the van allowing you to get just the right height.

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