False Alarms?

RVsecure eliminates shock-wave activation's from its Gen2 alarm range

RVsecure’s Gen2 alarm range has effectively eliminated the occurrence of shock-wave activation’s, the leading cause of false alarms in RV alarm systems. Extensive research conducted by our team has revealed that shock-waves, although easily detectable, result in unnecessary and avoidable false alarms. Understanding the inconvenience and frustration caused by false alarms, we embarked on a dedicated three-year development journey to tackle this issue.

Our relentless pursuit of innovation has led to the successful development of an advanced algorithm specifically designed to address shock-wave false alarms. Through meticulous testing and refinement, we are proud to announce that our algorithm has proven its effectiveness in eliminating this problem. This breakthrough achievement is a testament to our commitment to providing RV owners with a reliable and seamless alarm system experience.

With the elimination of shock-wave false alarms, RVsecure users can now enjoy enhanced peace of mind and a more user-friendly system. The meticulous development process and extensive testing have ensured that our Gen2 alarm range offers a highly accurate detection system, minimising false alarms while effectively identifying genuine threats. RV owners can confidently rely on RVsecure to provide a dependable and hassle-free alarm solution that keeps their vehicles and belongings secure.

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