Our tracking system is much more than just a standard online GPS tracker, it is a complete communications hub that interfaces with our RVsecure alarm systems to provide tracking and alarm notification services.

  • Receive alarm activation and battery fail notifications on your device(s)
  • Standard 3 hourly location updates when the alarm system is armed or disarmed
  • If your vehicle is towed when the alarm is armed the tracking system changes to live tracking to provide constant location updates
  • Built in Battery backup continues to communicate* even if the power from the main battery is cut
  • Ability to add a geo fence to your home location. Our tracking system will notify you if the geo fence is broken even if the alarm system is disarmed
  • SMS options available for faster notifications
  • Location identifier shown on a map providing the whereabouts of your vehicle. This can either be PC based or via our mobile app

Note: The RVsecure GPS and Comminications Hub is designed to work with the RVsecure alarm systems and is not for stand alone use. If you have other requirements please contact us.

* Aprox 4-10 hours depending on update frequency at the time

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