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Trailer security has been a challenge with a very limited selection of suitable products available.

There are a few locks but they don’t address the issue that these days it is generally the contents of the trailer that thieves are after and not the trailer itself. Unfortunately this complete lack of security has led to a lot of specific crime that is targeting trailers. Who doesn’t know or has heard of someone that has lost a lot of gear after their tools or other items were stolen from their trailer.

Unfortunately all these types of items are easy to carry and easy to sell on the black market.

If your trailer has on board power then there are solutions available

Powered Alarm Systems

Specific alarms systems are available for trailers that are powered systems. They are designed to be very low power and can therefore run with the minimum charging system. Typically with a 7Ah alarm battery an alarm can be on standby for about 2~4 weeks.

When using this type of alarm and battery it is advisable to have a small solar recharging system so the battery is keeps topped up and able to power the alarm. This also eliminates the requirement to take the battery out and charge every week or so.

An added advantage is that the alarm can also be coupled with a quality GPS Tracking and notification system. This provides SMS notifications if the alarm goes off as well as full tracking capability if the trailer is moved. Doing this increases the power consumption but it is still reasonable to assume that a 7Ah battery will be sufficient.

Gen2 ProtectorX

The ProtectorX by RVsecure is an ideal alarm system for an enclosed trailer that has a house battery and charging system. It comes standard with an internal PIR detector, reed switch plus AntiTow/AntiHitch brake locking. Additional wireless reed switches, wired reed switches and wired PIN switches can also be added to this truly versatile system. The ProtectorX is also fully compatible with our GPS Communications Hub so you can receive alarm notifications by SMS on your phone as well as track your trailer if it is moved.

Gen2 ProtectorX kit only $499


The ProtectorX is equipped with a range of essential features straight out of the box. These standard inclusions ensure comprehensive security for your trailer:

  1. Internal PIR Detector: The built-in Passive Infrared (PIR) detector detects motion within the interior of your boat. This advanced technology provides reliable protection by sensing any unauthorised movement and triggering the alarm system.

  2. Door Reed Switch: Safeguard your boat’s entry points with the door reed switch. This magnetic sensor monitors the opening and closing of doors, ensuring that any unauthorised access is immediately detected and triggers an alarm.

With these standard features, the ProtectorX ensures comprehensive security coverage for your trailer.

Introducing our intelligent Anti-Tow/Anti-Hitch system equipped with adjustable sensitivity, designed to safeguard your vehicle from being towed.

With this advanced system in place, the brakes are automatically activated when an alarm is triggered, preventing unauthorised towing attempts. Our proprietary algorithm ensures reliable performance, as it is the only anti tow system on the market specifically engineered to eliminate alarms caused by shock-waves, the leading cause of false alarms.

With our cutting-edge Advanced Brake Tamper Detection*, your brakes are armed and protected like never before. This state-of-the-art feature ensures that your braking system remains secure and guarded against any tampering attempts. Rest easy knowing that our advanced technology is actively monitoring your brakes, providing an additional layer of protection and peace of mind.

*pat pending

Our cutting-edge Brake Safety Interlock is here to provide you with ultimate protection in the event of accidental arming while driving. With this innovative system in place, you can rest assured that if the system is mistakenly armed, the brakes will not engage due to movement.

Your safety is our top priority, and we’ve designed this feature specifically to prevent any potential hazards or mishaps on the road. Drive with confidence knowing that our Brake Safety Interlock has your back, ensuring a secure and worry-free driving experience.

Customise your security solution with ease using our expandable system, capable of accommodating up to 13 sensors to perfectly suit your unique requirements.

Whether you need to safeguard multiple entry points, monitor specific areas, or enhance overall coverage, our system provides the flexibility to scale up and adapt. With the capability to add additional sensors, you can ensure comprehensive protection for your trailer.

Tailor your security setup to your exact specifications and enjoy the freedom to customise your trailer’s security to meet your evolving needs.

Experience the ultimate deterrent with our Alarm System, equipped with powerful features that include light flashing and a high-output waterproof siren.

The system is designed to flash your trailer’s lights, capturing attention and signalling a security breach. Additionally, the high-output waterproof siren emits a piercing sound, effectively deterring potential intruders and alerting those nearby.

Each of our Alarm control systems are made right here in Australia so you know you are purchasing a quality product and supporting Australian industry and jobs

1x ProtectorX control unit
1x safeGuard PIR
1x safeGuard Reed Switch
1x High Output Siren
2x 4 Key Remotes
2x Security Warning Stickers

* all safeGuard sensors are wireless so no need to run multiple cables

GPS Communications Hub

The RVsecure GPS / Communications hub is an optional plug and play GPS and 4G system that will add tracking and communications to your RVsecure alarm system to provide you with a completely integrated security solution. There are no complex systems for you to set up or multiple providers for you to coordinate with, we have done all of the hard work for you to deliver peace of mind straight out of the box.

Our GPS system isnt just a little black box either. We know most of our customers spend time out of the major cities so it comes standard with extended range antennas.

GPS Hub only $300


The RVsecure GPS / Communications hub is fully integrated to the RVsecure alarm systems and the online RVsecure tracking and alert system. Adding it is a breeze, just plug it into the alarm with the supplied loom, plug in the antennas and job done

Activation signals are sent via the GPS / Communications hub to our servers and then to you. No need to mess around signing up to third party sites

The GPS / Communications hub has the best coverage with Telstra network 4G LTE and a 3G fallback should the 4G system not be available. Each GPS / Communications hub comes with a SIM and is ready to go once you have selected a subscription package

When an unauthorised tow is detected whilst the alarm is armed the GPS / Communications hub goes to live tracking to update the location of your vehicle every 30 seconds

Receive alarms, alerts and track via our free Android or iOS mobile app’s

Set up Geo Fence on our system to alert you if your vehicle goes outside the designated area

Receive an alarm signal if your battery fails or is disconnected

The GPS / Communications hub has an inbuilt battery backup system so it continues to provide signals and tracking in the event that the main battery has been disabled

Alarm activation’s are sent to you via SMS for a faster notification

Alarm activation’s are sent to your mobile phone via push notifications

Alarm activation’s are sent to you via your email

Tracking and SMS Alerts

Our tracking system is much more than just a standard online GPS tracker, it is a complete communications hub that interfaces with our RVsecure alarm systems to provide full tracking and SMS alarm notification services.

Subscribe from only $136 / year incl SMS

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