For Enclosed Trailers that have a ‘house’ battery please see the Caravan Alarms section as they are fully compatible.

Protector Zero

Trailer alarm systems have been a challenge for those without power or an onboard ‘house’ battery until now. The RVsecure Protector Zero is the latest innovation in trailer security systems designed specifically to solve this issue.

The Zero is unique in that it draws no power until it is activated, reacts instantaneously to an alarm trigger, and only uses power when it is in an alarm state.

This feature enables the Zero to operate from a very minimal power supply. Unlike other systems using large lead acid batteries that have a high self discharge and require frequent recharging our advanced technology allows the use of a small Alkaline 9v battery.

Trailer Alarm Operation

The alarm is operated by a key-switch and uses either PIN or Reed switches for sensing intruders. On activation the high output siren will pulse for ~20 seconds* and the strobe activate. After ~10 minutes* if there are no further activation’s the alarm system will turn itself off again.

The Zero also has a built in battery indicator, just press the button and it will indicate if the battery is still OK to function. It is normal to expect at least 25 alarm cycles before the battery has reached the end of its usable life however the activation’s may be over many years.

The Protector Zero is also easily expandable with the addition of more PIN or Reed switches (additional cabling will be required). And being so easy to install it is makes it a great DIY trailer alarm.

Zero Power

Powered by a 9v battery and only uses power when in alarm

Reed/Pin Switches

Reed/PIN switches to protect doors/toolboxes

Blue Strobe and Siren

Equipped with a blue alarm strobe and high output waterproof siren

Key Switch Operated

Armed and Disarmed by a secure key switch

Easy to Install

RVsecure systems are designed with installation in mind and can be installed easily and quickly

Great Value

RVsecure ProtectorZero Alarm System only $425 RRP

Made in Australia
Made in Australia

Each of our Alarm control systems is made right here in Australia so you know you are purchasing a quality product and supporting Australian industry

The perfect system for small/medium enclosed trailers, ute trayback and stand alone tool boxes, small boats, mini camper trailers and other vehicles in long term storage


The Protector Zero is designed for use in vehicles that do not have a ‘house’ battery. If used in a licensed car/truck it is not a replacement for an ADR compliant car immobiliser.

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