Your Guide to the Best Options in Trailer Security

Trailer wheel lock, hitch lock and trailer alarm systems are the three main areas we will cover in this article. Trailer security is a significant issue in Australia with theft increasing. Who doesn’t know a builder, carpenter, plumber or gardener that has had their trailer broken into and all of their tools stolen. Quality tools don’t come cheap and the losses to your business can be in the $10-50K mark. That of course doesn’t include the downtime when you suddenly haven’t got the ability to work. So, what are the best trailer security methods to help you protect your valuable possessions?

Trailer wheel lock

Using a trailer wheel lock is a solid start in making your trailer unable to be moved easily. There are small and easy to install units as well as larger wheel clamp type. Although there are several on the market the two most popular seem to be the Trimax wheel lock and the Maypole wheel clamp.

Trimax trailer wheel lock

There are several models of Trimax available, from a U shaped lock to a full wheel clamp. The U locks are great as they are quick to put on however do not stop the removal of the wheel. The full wheel clamp covers the wheel nuts thereby making a wheel change very difficult.

Maypole wheel clamp

The Maypole is another brand that has both U locks and full wheel clamps that covers the wheel nuts. They come in several sizes to cater for different size wheels.

Hitch lock

Hitch locks for trailers come in many variants. They allow you to lock up your hitch so it cant be connected to a towing ball. Like the wheel clamps there are a few popular hitch locks available.

Saracen hitch lock

The Saracen is made by Purpleline (the same company that makes the Kojack) and suits 50mm ball hitches. It can be mounted whilst the vehicle is attached or unattached, quite a useful feature. Made from hardened steel and a high grade locking mechanism it certainly looks the goods.

Treg hitch lock

For those using Treg hitches instead of the standard 50mm ball there are several Treg hitch locks available on the market like the one from Manutec and they work by locking the connecting pin in place so it cant be removed.

Trailer security system

Of course the above two wont prevent anyone from breaking into your trailer (or toolboxes) and taking the contents. Until now there hasn’t been a suitable trailer security system that can alarm your trailer. The main reason has been the lack of ‘house’ battery to provide the power for the alarm system to operate and the hassle of having to frequently charge a battery.

Protector Zero

We have solved this with the release of the Protector Zero. It is called the Zero because it uses Zero power until it is in alarm, however is still instantly responsive to activation’s from the PIN or Reed switches. Due to the zero power consumption it is able to be powered by a 9v alkaline battery which can last many years if not constantly activated.

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