What is the Alarm Zone?

All alarms systems have what is referred to as the ‘Alarm Zone’. This is the area that is protected by one or more alarm sensors. When installing an alarm system in a Caravan there are a few things that are important in establishing the alarm zone.

Placing the Control Unit

Make sure that the control unit is placed within the alarm zone to ensure that the alarm activates before someone can reach it. There is no point having an alarm with the sensor in the van but the control unit in the front boot unless a reed is added to the boot door. The ideal places for the control unit below are those that have coverage.

Alarm Zone
Alarm Zone

Ensure a suitable number of system sensors

Ensure that the system has a suitable number of sensors to protect the Caravan and your possessions. There are two main alarm sensor types.

1: PIR‘s provide great coverage for people moving about in the van. They will react before someone has the chance to rifle through your possessions.

2: Reed Switches are great for doors, hatches and toolboxes. A main door reed switch will provide an alarm trigger before the person even steps foot in your van. Having extra reeds on tool boxes etc will protect the extra value (easy to hock) items that we usually carry with us, for instance generators or tool kits.

The RVsecure PlatinumX Caravan Alarm comes standard with both a PIR and a Reed switch (plus many other features) offering a high level of protection against theft.

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