Advanced Brake Tamper Detection

RVsecure improves security for Caravan owners with the release of its Gen2 security range

RVsecure has recently launched its Gen2 security system range, setting a new standard in vehicle security with a host of added features. One standout innovation is the introduction of Advanced Brake Tamper Detection (pat. pend.) for electric brakes. This cutting-edge system actively monitors the vehicle’s brakes and instantly triggers the alarm if any tampering or disconnection is detected while the alarm is armed. This serves as a robust safeguard against potential brake-related security breaches, bolstering the overall security and protection of vehicles equipped with RVsecure’s Gen2 system.

By incorporating Advanced Brake Tamper Detection, RVsecure demonstrates its unwavering commitment to staying ahead in the realm of RV security. This advanced system provides vehicle owners with an extra layer of defence, ensuring that any unauthorised interference with the electric brakes will be swiftly detected and reported. With the Gen2 security system range, customers can enjoy heightened peace of mind, knowing that their vehicle’s brakes are under constant vigilance and protected by state-of-the-art technology.

The introduction of Advanced Brake Tamper Detection is a testament to RVsecure’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. RVsecure continues to lead the industry by delivering advanced security solutions that offer comprehensive protection for vehicles, giving customers the confidence and peace of mind they deserve.

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