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Welcome Laidback Adventures

RVsecure is excited to extend a warm welcome to Justin, Carissa, Char and Mac who joins us as ambassadors.

Who are Laidback Adventures?

We are Justin, Carissa and our two girls – 6 year old Char and 4 year old Mac. We’re lucky enough to call QLD’s central coast home but traipsing round the countryside in a caravan in 2024.

Justin is the inspiration of our adventures. He grew up outdoors – farming, camping and fishing. He’s Laidback’s planner, budgeter and serial overpacker (he packs EVERYTHING to do EVERYTHING). Nothing relaxes him more than a boat – or just a wet line – a decent coffee or cold beer and a camp fire.

Carissa is a passionate video producer in a commercial production company with a side of wedding videography, family photography and of course – a mum (and is Laidback’s creative brains). A glass of wine, a good book and beautiful location is all it takes for her to be happy.

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