Macca - RVsecure Ambassador

Welcome Macca

RVsecure is excited to extend a warm welcome to Craig ‘Macca’ McGown, who joins us as our official brand ambassador.

Who is Macca?

Macca has been presenting the Whats Up Down Under TV show on channel Ten  for the last 9 years. Macca is the quintessential Aussie bushman…and larrikin with the ability to traverse Australia’s harshest environments in a methodical, no nonsense manner and an “I’ll get you there, and home again” attitude.

Macca’s passion for inspiring others to embrace the exploration and freedom Australia has to offer is worn on his sleeve and he is always keen to pass his knowledge and experience onto anyone wanting to learn.

Why RVsecure?

“I sometimes get asked why I’m a brand ambassador for RVsecure. The reason is simple, I love inspiring people to get themselves into an RV and go and explore Australia and the freedoms it can supply. The reality is that for people to achieve this they invest a great deal of money in their caravan, for most people the largest amount they invest in anything outside of their home.
Should they protect that investment? Yes. Should they feel as though their investment is protected? Yes. You can insure your investment for if it’s stolen but to me, it’s less headaches to not have it stolen in the first place.
That’s why I chose to be a brand ambassador for an innovative Australian company at the forefront of the RV security industry, showcasing cutting-edge local technology as well as being proudly manufactured in Australia.”


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Macca discusses the Gen2 from RVsecure

Craig 'Macca' McGown

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