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A qualified mechanic by trade, he’s hosted several national television programs highlighting this beautiful country of ours, worked with caravan manufacturers to aid in the design, development and testing of new models, and lent his mechanical and technical expertise to countless national magazine titles. Examples of his work can be viewed on Channel 10’s “The Offroad Adventure Show”, “What’s Up Down Under” and “Camper Trailer Lifestyle”.  

Borgy has also become a highly respected off-road Journalist with roles such as Managing Editor of Camper Trailer Australia, Technical Editor/Feature Writer for Camper Trailer Touring, Editor of Camper Trailer Lifestyle along with countless articles in accompanying publications such as 4X4 Overland, Trucking Life, 4WD Camping Guide and Unsealed 4×4, just to name a few. His mechanical expertise is shaped by a combination of his time spinning spanners as a Light Vehicle Mechanic, spending years behind the wheel towing caravans and camper trailers full time around Australia, and working with some of the biggest names in the travel and manufacturing industries. Rest assured, your touring set-up is in good hands at Borgy’s Weigh Me RV!

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