RVview Reversing Cameras

History has not been kind to wireless reversing cameras, and for good reason! Terrible picture quality, frequent dropout and constant interference just to name a few. In fact, most people that had wireless systems were forced to change to a standard definition wired system to have something that worked to even a basic level. The picture wasn’t great, the cables were a pain, but hey, at least is ‘worked’.

That has all changed

Coupling the best in High Definition cameras with the latest generation in wireless technology we are able to provide a system that will give you a perfect picture every time. Dropout and interference are now relegated to be a thing of the past.

  • Latest Technology
  • Full High Definition wireless
  • Perfect Picture
  • No Dropout
  • No Interference
  • No vehicle cabling required, change tow vehicles with ease
  • No annoying suzie cables to find and hook up every time

Products Available in the range

MW7HD – 7″ fullHD reversing camera kit
MW71HD – fullHD reversing camera kit
MW5HD – fullHD reversing camera kit with Audio
Customer Reviews

Geoff T – Just fitted my rear view camera and monitor – works far better than the one I replaced – used the windscreen optional suction mount and screwed it to the dash – nice and secure

Keith W – Very happy with this product.

Stephen L – Have tried various systems prior to this unit. Was always wary of ‘wireless’ systems due to previous technology not being good enough. Justin assured me thru their own experience the awesome capabilities of RV View is the new standard. I was sold!! SUPER happy with the display, very satisfied with the service from Justin, David, Scott and the team at Northside Caravan Repairs. Thankyou :)

Steve B – Top quality product. Great picture and easy DIY install.

Umberto M – This Camera is great as i can see behind very clearly and also it makes parking at caravan sites a lot easier. Great picture also.

Brian C – The reversing camera was easy to install and works extremely well without distortion or any interference

Kim C – Recently purchased our wireless driving camera and had installed on our caravan. After out first trip with the camera we were very impressed with its performance. We had very good signal and very clear vision. Glad we were recommenced by the RV Centre. Outstanding performance.

David M – Just got the camera installed on my caravan and very happy how easy it is to operate and the great vision the camera gives allowing me to see behind the van

Peter B – Fantastic picture quality no drop outs

Mike H – We are very pleased and can see vehicles directly behind the van before they came into view of the mirrors. Thanks

Hugh W – The old reversing camera was low resolution, worked erratically and was effectively useless. This new camera works a lot better and gives me a much clearer picture, money well spent.

John P – The first time I have had this type of camera, extremely happy. 5 stars

Tim L – After looking for a good quality camera system Jason installed the RV view camera system for us with the help of RV View they even installed a cover to protect the internal camera from the dogs. Thanks

Colleen F – we are planning our first trip away in our caravan at the end of August……. for us now it’s all about health and safety”

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